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India is known as the “Outsourcing Capital of the World” It has availability of highly skilled IT staff having strong IT education and experience along with good proficiency in the English language. Our philosophy is to provide best in class remote developers to the UK companies.

Sush Talent in Media:-

Feb 2020:- Interview with Philip Ingram on his Apple Podcast “With Ingram”

Jan 2020:- Interview with Steven Haggerty on Founders365, The Founders Network:-

Founders365 – #9 – Dr Sanjeev Mehta

Dr Sanjeev Mehta is founder of tech recruitment firm Sush Talent. Sanj is a big believer in long term vision is as important a short term goals and how they can benefit both the business and you. Today's episode we will dive into what it takes to have a successful company in 2020, how to create goals that make a difference along with the future of staffing and hiring. Founders365 is hosted by Steven Haggerty and interviews a Founder every single day in 2020. We discover their story, their lessons that you can take with you to help you on your journey.

Posted by Steven Haggerty on Thursday, 9 January 2020

Jan 2020:- Apple Podcast of Interview with Steven Haggerty on Founders365, The Founders Network:-

July 2016-Interview on MT TV

June 2016-Interview on Manx Radio

Feb 2016-Interview on Manx Radio

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